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A Rich Coverup ▶ SocialCurrentSee

Without virtually any assistance from the Metropolitan Washington DC police that continue to subvert and hide details of their investigation, this source confirms what many believed: The #SethRich murder had to be done by someone sent to accomplish the killing, not a random robber who botched his mission.

Follow this LINK for the details of the NEWSWEEK account.

What even those who are mildly curious about the #SethRich case will observe is that there must be some powerful forces working behind the scenes to coverup details of the police investigation.  Loyal #Democrats, as the world knows, are preoccupied with the alleged connections of the #Trump Administration with #Russia while no one on the #Democrats side will acknowledge that the true #leaker of the #DNCemails to #Wikileaks was actually #SethRich.

If and when the #WashingtonDCPolice can confirm that fact, then not only will this mystery be solved, but we could witness the demise of an entire American political party.

The #Rus…