Saturday, February 25, 2017

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To advance the cause of finding meaningful content and comments ...
Anyone who spends a significant amount of time online knows how people today covet the virality of their posts. In most cases this is driven by a search for significance in the world. Perhaps countering the ugly peer pressures upon adolescents, a single viral post can propel a young person to instant world-wide notoriety, hence relieving that pressure to be accepted and even lauded.”  SOURCE▶ bondserve on ODB

Might you prefer reading books, magazines, and printed content as opposed to online sources?
 Stands to reason that we all spend some time doing offline readings and research, but the frequency of this behavior is far less today than a decade or two ago.

Where may I find more information about ODB?

Why is printed content still valuable today?

How are newspapers surviving?


Since it was first published in 1956, Our Daily Bread has become the resource for which Our Daily Bread Ministries is best known. The daily devotional thoughts published in Our Daily Bread help readers spend time each day in God’s Word. This electronic edition of Our Daily Bread allows you to enjoy the same inspiring content found in the print edition of Our Daily Bread, but with many additional digital features:


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