Saturday, February 25, 2017

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 The Legal Battle Brewing Between a TV Star and a Coffee Entrepreneur
tells how Marcus Lemonis and Chicago entrepreneur Phil Tadros are locked in a legal battle, as the two parties sue each other after a business deal fell through.  SOURCE▶ INC

Entrepreneur spirit is a gift that inspires others to become the best they can be. From passion and positivity to leadership and ambition, here are the entrepreneurs that best define the entrepreneurial spirit.

Might you or someone close to you be a born entrepreneur?

According to this SOURCEMost people don't grow up wanting to become an entrepreneur, they grow into it ... found that there are 10 different signs that are very good indicators that you're an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur in training.”
Where may I find more information about entrepreneurs?
A logical source is Entrepreneura North American magazine and website that carries news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business. The magazine was first published in 1977. It is published by Entrepreneur Media Inc., headquartered in IrvineCalifornia. The magazine publishes 12 issues annually, available through subscription and on newsstands. 

Why are entrepreneurs so important to society?

Why are entrepreneurs so important to society? This SEARCH may give you only about 20.3M results or answers |
How do you know you're ready to be an entrepreneur?
Not that the question can really be answered solely with a web search, but you could begin HEREor you could bookmark this FLIPBOARD for future research.


To achieve unimaginable business success and financial wealth—to reach the upper echelons of entrepreneurs, where you’ll find Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sara Blakely of Spanx, Mark Pincus of Zynga, Kevin Plank of Under Armour, and many others—you have to change the way you think. In other words, you must develop the Entrepreneur Mind, a way of thinking that comes from learning the vital lessons of the best entrepreneurs.

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