Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shot of the Day▶#10 Par 3 @ South Hills

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Lambert, Fetters, Foxworth
(Riggio took the photo) at the
South Hills Country Club May 19
Flip2▶SHOT OF THE DAYPlayed a round Monday, May19, with SCAGA buddies Dick, Larry, and Mike as we supported the Covina Assistance League in their annual charity golf tournament t South Hills Country Club.  Notable (shot of the day) was my tee shot on the hole which the course describes as: #10 – Par 3 Don't let the beauty of this hole fool you, it has bite. The water feature left and short of this green may offer a stunning backdrop but it also brings into play double bogey. For those looking to bail outright they are faced with a large bunker and out of bounds right of that. If your ball happens to find the putting surface you will be rewarded with a chance at birdie on this gently sloping green."  Managed a par on the hole while Larry shot a birdie thanks to my drive that landed about five feet from the cup.

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