Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some more 'madness' to retweet

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Buffett the score 34/48 ▶ 70% correct

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Flip2▶Making it to the Sweet Sixteen in the 2014 #MarchMadness NCAAMB tournament was anything but sweet for my bracket.  Score so far is only 70% correct with 34 of 48 picks correct to this point. So much for the theory of following the BPI, RPI, Sagarin and other statistical rankings.  Upsets abound in this year's NCAAMB!  Still, we turned out luckier than this guy ...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ 75% successful, all 4 top seeds alive

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Flip2▶After the grueling round of 64, the 2014 #MarchMadness NCAAMB tournament finally arrives to the round of 32.  75% of my bracket survives, including all four of my top seed: Arizona, Florida, Virginia, and Wichita State

Friday, March 21, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ No billion $ payday, but hanging with the leaders

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Flip2▶For a bracket novice like me (first time ever to pick any bracket in a #MarchMadness contest), I guess this first round score of 12/16 is not a bad showing, even if (like millions of others), I am out of the running for the #BillionBracket by Warren Buffett's and Quicken Loans. 

▶Like the masses of #Madness prognosticators, I thoroughly missed the Day One upsets: #11 Dayton over #6 Ohio State (the in-state rivalry should have been a tip), #12 Harvard over #5 Cincinnati (Ivy League basketball?), #12 North Dakota State over #5 Oklahoma (the oil pipeline will now never cross the Sooner state?), and #7 Texas over #10 Arizona State (forgive me for supporting the Pac12).  Historically, I overlooked the fact that #11 seeds are 38-74 against #6 seeds in the NCAAs.  Also, #12 seeds have the same 38-74 record against #5 seeds. On the flip side, #7 seeds are 67-45 against #10 seeds.

▶Lesson for next year:  Study more on those #10 thru #12 seeds.  They may be underrated.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH by altacities® ▶ #MarchMadness final brackets on file

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Flip 2 ▶ Just hours before the approaching deadlines prior to the first Round of 64 games for the 2014 #MarchMadness tomorrow, brackets are finally filed, including the entry for Warren Buffett's/Quicken Loans Billion$Bracket.  Hope that Buffett is keeping my winnings in a safe place!

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH by altacities® ▶ Final #MarchMadness hopefuls on tap

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Flip 2 ▶ The final two games are today in the First Four preliminary round, so later today, you can join others who have delayed completion of brackets in order  to reflect the actual match ups for #MarchMadness 2014.  Round of 64 begins Thursday.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH by altacities® ▶ #MarchMadness upset mindedness

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One of the toughest issues to hurdle when it comes to picking a winning (much less perfect) #MarchMadness bracket is to correctly analyze and predict underdogs who lie in waiting to beat higher-seeded teams.  These two articles just flipped today give insights into the real challenge behind every bracket challenge.  Also Flip2▶ Game★WORTH by altacities® ▶

Monday, March 17, 2014

Game★WORTH BRACKET UPSET WATCH ▶ #MarchMadness 2014 ▶ Blue Hens over Spartans?

SOURCE ▶ BleacherReport ▶

#NCAAMB ' March Madness' Upset Watch : #13 Delaware over #4 Michigan State?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Game★WORTH BRACKET BUNDLE for #MarchMadness 2014 ▶ Selection Sunday


Flip 2 ▶ News clipped and flipped by Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch for #MarchMadness

AROUND ANN ARBOR: ‘March Madness’ concert coming; Author Sharon Kay Penman appearingAnn Arbor Journal  - FLIPPED on 16March14  


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Game★WORTH BRACKET BUNDLE for #MarchMadness 2014 ▶ SEEDS #2 - #5

Game★WORTH BRACKET BUNDLE for #MarchMadness 2014 ▶ SEEDS #2 - #5
2▶ Michigan Wolverines ▶ Wisconsin Badgers ▶ Duke Blue Devils ▶ Kansas Jayhawks

Flip2▶By the time of next Sunday's selection date (March16) all of the mystery about the identity of these seeds and their matchups will be determined. Remember, last year at this time, 2013 champs Louisville entered the tournament as a #5 seed? Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch ▶ Seeds for #MarchMadness 2014.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch ▶ #1 Seeds

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch ▶ MATCHUP (still subject to change as of 10Mar14)

Game★WORTH BRACKET BUNDLE for #MarchMadness 2014 ▶ #1 SEEDS

Given the records and the seasons for all four of these likely #1 seeds, you can expect all of these teams to make the next round. Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch ▶ #1 Seeds for #MarchMadness 2014.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch ▶ Selection Sunday a week away

Flip 2 ▶ News clipped and flipped by Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch for #MarchMadness

▶A Quantum Leap for Basketball "Bracketology"Scientific American  - FLIPPED on 9March14  
Some physicists are relying on a phenomenon called superposition to fill in their NCAA men's basketball tournament selections -- Read more on ...
Men's basketball: SNC primed for deep run in NCAA DIII tournamentGreen Bay Press-Gazette  - FLIPPED on 9March14   
If ever St. Norbert College was capable of making a deep run in the NCAA Division III men's basketball tournament, this is the year.
Men's Basketball: 'Eaters at least co-champsDaily Pilot  - FLIPPED on 9March14  
Davis' 16 points key win at Fullerton, giving UCI at least a share of first Big West title since 2002.
LG and Clyde Drexler Team Up To Help Fans 'Do Game Day Right' During NCAA® March Madness®PR Newswire via Yahoo! Canada Finance  - FLIPPED on 9March14  
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., March 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In its fifth year as an Official Corporate Partner of the National Collegiate Athletic ...
Busy Weekend Expected in Stadium DistrictWBAY Green Bay  - FLIPPED on 9March14  
An NCAA men's basketball tournament, Gamblers hockey games and a major art fair will combine for a busy weekend in Ashwaubenon.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch ▶ Bubble teams strive for selection

Flip 2 ▶ News clipped and flipped by Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch for #MarchMadness

Men's basketball: Wesley hopes balance fuels NCAA tourney run

The News Journal  - FLIPPED on 7March14 
Wesley College basketball coach Jerry Kobasa came out of last year's NCAA Division III Tournament loss at Williams College impressed with the ...

West Coast Conference still making strides

The Associated Press via Yahoo! Sports  - FLIPPED on 7March14  
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- When Jamie Zaninovich looks at the West Coast Conference men's basketball tournament as commissioner, he envisions two ...

Men's Championship Week: 22 Conference Champions Punch Their Ticket to NCAA Tournament

The Futon Critic  - FLIPPED on 7March14 
Championship Week will tip off on Friday, March 7, with nine games from the Big South, Ohio Valley and Southern Conference tournaments on ...

Colorado men's basketball: Buffs escape with win at Stanford

Boulder Daily Camera  - FLIPPED on 7March14  
STANFORD, Calif. - For the second consecutive game, the Colorado men's basketball team went through a dreadful stretch on offense.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Watch ▶ Stories, stats, sources that matter

How is your #MarchMadness bracket shaping up?
▶ Bleacher Report
It doesn't make a lot of sense that whether Wichita State deserves a No. 1 seed is even a debate—in another year, maybe, but not this year. The Shockers, in my estimation, are one of the easy choices for the selection committee. What will be hard is ...  SOURCE 

Flip2▶ CURRENT Stories about #MarchMadness

▶ Ten days remain until Selection Sunday, March 16, so bracket creators are busy drafting those final versions of the match ups for #MarchMadness.  How is your analysis coming along?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ QL Y!Sports ▶ Billion$Bracket

Flip2▶Are you among the 15 million (max) contestants entering the Warren Buffett, Quicken Loans Billion$Bracket for #MarchMadness?  If you so, like me, you may have gone through some real madness trying to get registered in the Y!Sports Fantasy League system.  Be prepared for an ordeal, that is, unless you already have a prior account.  Go to : to start the ride.

Meanwhile, just now posted on the QL #Facebook page ▶
Reading this #Facebook comment stream and the #Y!Sports #QuickenLoans #MarchMadness#Billion@Bracket contest, reminds me of the quip: "Never let a good deed go unpunished!" Yes, I and possibly many others went through a 2-day trial to get registered at the Y!S location, but persistence eventually paid off. Remember folks, the odds are long to win here, but that's part of the challenge and the fun of the game. No one thinks twice about buying lotto tickets with similar or longer odds. Play the game and enjoy! Life is to short to grouse about pursuits where you are supposed to be having fun. I may be back later with other thoughts, but, meanwhile, you may like to follow my bracket creation research at: ▶ Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶P.S. Those who have come to this page to complain about customer service at QL should find another forum to express their discontent, else you also risk being unfriended.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶ Bracket Launch ▶ Trusted Sources (11)

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH My Bracket Launch HERE

Begin the madness of creating and researching your #MarchMadness brackets at these trusted sources. That is if you want to be really serious about the endeavor.  See my comments here and on G+  that explain the KEY to these links.
  1.◀ ESPN ☻ SREF ▶
  2.◀ OPPO ESPN ☻ SREF ▶
  3.◀ KP☻MA ▶
  4.◀ SOS ☻ SRS ▶
  5.◀ DRT ☻ ORT ▶
  6.◀ SAG ☻ EXP ▶
  7.◀ VLC #1 ☻VLC #2 ▶
  9.◀ WEB ☻ BLOG ▶
  10.◀ COACH ☻ CONF▶

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