Friday, February 28, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶Two other 'rivalry games' possible in March Madness


▶Continuing with the creation of the 2014 NCAAMB brackets, fans can image two other rivalry games among the Top 10 BPI teams as now ranked by ESPN.  These include Duke vs Syracuse from the ACC and Villanova vs Creighton in the Big East.  ▶ See #MarchMadness.

▶ Duke (23-6, 12-4 ACC) vs Syracuse (26-2, 13-2 ACC) ▶ The rivalry resulted in a split of two games this year with a Feb 22 home win #1 Syracuse at the time by a score of (66-60).  And  a Feb 1 road game at #2 Syracuse resulted in a 89-91 OT loss for Duke

▶ Villanova (25-3, 13-2 Big Eastvs Creighton (23-4, 13-2 Big East) rivalry this resulted in two wins in favor of Creighton.  First on the Villanova court Jan 20 NOVA was ranked #4, but the Bluejays still had a convincing 96-68 win.  Then, at home on Feb 16 and with NOVA ranked #6, the Bluejays managed another 101-80 win on Feb 19.  These results probably have Creighton fans wondering why their Bluejays at #10 are a spot lower than NOVA at #9 in the BPI.  Probably has something to do with strength of schedule.

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