Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flip2▶ Game★WORTH ▶Could there be an all-Kentucky show in March Madness?


▶Could there be an all-Kentucky show in #MarchMadness?  Not unthinkable, considering the current rankings for the two fierce rivals: LOUISVILLE (23-4, 12-2 AAC) vs KENTUCKY (21-6, 11-3 SEC).

▶ SEE THE RIVALRY TOLD HERE The Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals, athletic programs for the most prominent universities inKentucky, are sport rivals. The teams first played each other in 1912 (football) and 1913 (basketball). The yearly men's basketball game is called the Battle for the Bluegrass and the yearly football game is played for the Governor's Cup trophy. Many of the schools' other sports teams also play annually despite the fact that the teams are not in the same conferenceWIKIPEDIA

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