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Without virtually any assistance from the Metropolitan Washington DC police that continue to subvert and hide details of their investigation, this source confirms what many believed: The #SethRich murder had to be done by someone sent to accomplish the killing, not a random robber who botched his mission.

Follow this LINK for the details of the NEWSWEEK account.

What even those who are mildly curious about the #SethRich case will observe is that there must be some powerful forces working behind the scenes to coverup details of the police investigation.  Loyal #Democrats, as the world knows, are preoccupied with the alleged connections of the #Trump Administration with #Russia while no one on the #Democrats side will acknowledge that the true #leaker of the #DNCemails to #Wikileaks was actually #SethRich.

If and when the #WashingtonDCPolice can confirm that fact, then not only will this mystery be solved, but we could witness the demise of an entire American political party.

The #Rus…

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ALTACITIES®, an acronym for “ALTERNATE CITIES,” is the web moniker for the neighborhood of sites, blogs and locations created and managed by @ALTALOMAN, in reference to our first web journals and blogging activity when residents of Alta Loma in Southern California. In 2011, we moved but these ALTACITIES® remain in the form of common interest developments ▶ on Flipboard
The SocialCurrentSee found on this site deals largely with common interest developments, aka homeowner associations or HOAs, now the dominant housing development type in California and much of the rest of the nation.  For the numbers, see this DATA.

▶ Many of the sources archived and flipped here are found in my TWITTER feed and searches like the archive found below.

▶ Whether one owns a townhouse, raw land in a subdivision, a gated-community home, a shack in zoned jungle, or part stake in a condominium complex the majority of people who live there are often not always thrilled about the few folks …